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Team T.O.D is the Race Team attached to the Professional Coaching and Personal Training organization T.O.D Coaching. Team T.O.D has been set up by Brian Fernie, the founder of T.O.D Coaching, to offer a low cost way for Triathletes, adventure racers, mountain bikers, runner's and athletes from all sports and all abilities, from novice to regular competitor, to gain access to high quality coaching that bridges the gap between athletes self-coaching and professional, full time paid coaching.

So where do I begin?

Begin at the start the rest will follow

....and we will help you along your journey with Professional Personal Training, targeted to your individual needs whether that is achieving competing in your first Sprint Triathlon or working towards the full Ironman...and many other disciplines...

Our Training Plans

Train Hard Compete Strong

...we have many Training Plans available for Team T.O.D Members from Beginner to Advanced Level, along with some related literature. These plans along with P/T sessions are aimed towards helping you achieve your goals...

Some of our TEAM Members

Iron Man | Triathlon | Endurance

Denise Tracey

I did my first sprint triathlon in 2009 as a means of raising money for a charity I was involved with. This first event got me hooked on the idea of triathlon but my biggest issue was my swimming was dreadful. I couldn't swim front crawl at all, even one length was a struggle. I started swim training with Brian Fernie and with a lot of patience and hard work he was able to get me swimming front crawl for 750m for my sprint triathlon events. I continued with sprint events and also started to do some open water swimming as a change...


Masters Swimmer | Triathlon

Steve Coates

I decided to actively start swimming again, initially to rasie my fitness levels. But with some excellent strength & conditioning coaching I started to feel more confident about actually competing as an actual target, as my times have improved year upon year greatly. I have now competed twice in both the Scottish Masters event held yearly and the district event which is also held yearly. From this my confidence has grown further with guidance and coaching, and with some fantastic rehab work I have also got back into running as well...



Some of our JUNIOR Members



I am part of Swim West Lothian and am in the Junior Performance Squad. I recently got selected to train with Scottish Swimming's Districts Regional Programme as part of the Youth Development. I am enjoying my swimming and all the galas I am doing. But, I have now decided to start doing Triathlons as well. Therefore I wanted to train with a coach so I asked Brian from T.O.D Coaching if he could coach me, he said yes. He is helping me with my strength and conditioning training and also has helped me with rehabilitation from an injury which I had recently...




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