Ironman Denise

I did my first sprint triathlon in 2009 as a means of raising money for a charity I was involved with. This first event got me hooked on the idea of triathlon but my biggest issue was my swimming was dreadful. I couldn't swim front crawl at all, even one length was a struggle.

I started swim training with Brian Fernie and with a lot of patience and hard work he was able to get me swimming front crawl for 750m for my sprint triathlon events. I continued with sprint events and also started to do some open water swimming as a change.

In 2012 I decided to do Ironman UK in 2014. Brian immediately supported me, came up with a great training plan, including strength and conditioning work, along with a program of events to move me to a point where not only could I complete Ironman UK 2014, but also enjoy it.

The training plan was tough at times but had me so well prepared for the event that I was able to completely enjoy the day and recover totally in under 48 hours. I am now completely addicted to long distance events and have signed up for 2015.